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#82 B-Mix 1

Our antique black is the most popular background that we sell. With a mix of three prints and a solid, the look is definitely vintage! The picture does not show it well but is is awesome when it is hooked up! If you look at the pix of some of our kits, you will se it everywhere. There will always be three prints and a solid but the wool market being what it is, the prints will change with time, Order enough at once to complete your project! 1 Yard: $48.00

Our Price:  $48.00  
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#83 B-Mix 2

This is the answer to the need for an antique light background when you don't want just a mottled solid. It will instantly age your project! Composed of two prints, an oatmeal and a solid all dyed in the same pot, this background mix is great fun to work with! You can use the lighter and darker shades to purposely outline shapes and contour your background. 1 Yard: $48.00

Our Price:  $48.00  
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#84 B-Mix 3

Northern Night is another fine background mix! It is made up of three prints and a solid and it is fabulous when it is hooked in swirls behind your rug motifs. A perfectly cold, blue, night sky or deep, dark water---whichever you choose. 1 Yard: $48.00

Our Price:  $48.00  
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#85 B-Mix 4

This mix is incredible! It was developed for a customer who loved the background used in "Kathi's Eagle" on page 40 of the June/July/August issue of Rug Hooking Magazine. After a few hit or miss attempts in the dye pots, I think we've got it! It is a warm, silvery-gray that leans toward green. It is dyed over two prints, a solid and an oatmeal wool. Perfect with deep, rich colored motifs! Can't wait to work with this one! 1 Yard: 48.00

Our Price:  $48.00  
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