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My name is Jill Holmes and I am the crazy person behind Northwoods Wool. As far back as I can remember, I have been slightly "over the top" with regard to all things colorful. My parents insist that they spent hundreds of dollars on crayons when I was small...a good investment I'd say! Fifteen years ago I decided to make a rug for our new oak floor. Coming from a quilting background, I was accustomed to having zillions of colors to work with and was completely stifled by the lack of wool available. I decided to try dyeing some to suit my needs and the rest is history! The only thing that I like better than designing and hooking rugs is dyeing wool! As Northwoods Wool has grown, my husband Michael has been drawn in to helping me with the business. His help is invaluable and I couldn't do it without him. After thirty four years of marriage and raising three sons, we work pretty well together! Michael and I truly believe in the necessity of creativity in everyday life so join us and develop a passion!

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